IMG_1008Spirit Body Song was initiated by Mark Sherwood who’s heart is to strengthen the weary and to build people up who seek to grow physically and spiritually stronger.  As a teacher, a fitness enthusiast, and worship leader, Mark uses his gifts and interests to strengthen the body of Christ both in the natural realm and the spiritual realm

For over 20 years, Mark has served in a variety of roles in the field of education including work as a classroom teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Athletic Director, and Bible teacher at the Elementary and Middle School levels.  Through this experience, Mark has developed an awareness for the need to simplify potentially complex concepts in order to make them practical and easily applied.  Facilitating this process is one of his central goals in regard to the way he desires to communicate when instructing others.

One of Mark’s greatest enjoyments has been the pursuit of physical fitness that began at an early age when conditioning for sports.  His interest in fitness eventually motivated him to work as a fitness instructor in health clubs during his college years.  During this time, he earned a B.S. degree in Physical Education as an Exercise Specialist from the University of Wisconsin where he attended from 1982-1986.   Mark still continues to pursue fitness activities and a quest to refine his fitness practices for maximum benefit.  Mark’s main focus in fitness is to provide writing, video demonstration and personal instruction to benefit fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking to improve their sports performance.  This is complemented by Mark’s desire to help people learn effective practices within the areas of aerobic fitness, nutrition and weight management.

Mark realizes that one’s spiritual condition is of even greater importance than their physical condition.  In a desire to pursue a deeper relationship with God, he enrolled as a student at Christ for the Nations Institute where he obtained a Theological Diploma and Minister’s license while attending Bible School from 1999-2002.   His purpose in ministry is to help people overcome areas of spiritual weakness, discouragement, brokenness and to build them in their faith in order to help them move forward in life and in their relationship with God.

Perhaps one of Mark’s greatest tools for strengthening people in spirit is to lead them into the presence of God through praise and worship.  For over two decades he has been playing the guitar and leading worship in Christian Camp ministry, Children’s ministry, and Adult worship services in church.  In his desire to express his heart to God in worship, Mark has written several worship songs that are designed to create a worship atmosphere that is uplifting and brings comfort and healing to those who listen or take part with him in worship.

Mark currently resides with his family in Fountain Valley California.