7 Steps for Strength Training

The Synergistic Strength Training System

The 7 steps for gaining strength are based on important physiological principles that can be combined in a synergistic manner to maximize the effect of strength training.  


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7  Steps 


Step 1:

Utilize the four most powerful training factors that stimulate strength gains by starting with the basic Synergistic Strength Training System. Then use steps two through seven to make individualized adjustments that will maximize your training.

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Step 2:

Select basic compound exercises including various types of squats, deadlifts, pulling motions, and presses that utilize the big three most powerful muscle groups, which consists of the upper leg and glutes, the chest muscles, and the back muscles.

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Step 3:

When performing reps of an exercise, use excellent lifting form while exerting near maximum force into each rep until you reach the designated rep number, or until you reach a marker rep where rep speed and rep rhythm first begins to slow down.  

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Step 4:

Experiment to find out how many strong sets you can perform at full strength before reaching a weaker (marker) set where you can no longer perform as many reps as you could on your previous sets, and only do strong sets.

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Step 5:

Exercises must be done in a logical order that emphasizes gaining strength. This means training the strongest muscles such as legs, back, and chest before training smaller body parts, and emphasizing speed and heavier lifting before engaging in full set training that causes a greater degree of muscle fatigue.

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Step 6:

After initially training three times per week, adapt your training frequency to your own personal recovery and retention rate.

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Step 7:

Adding on weight or reps to your workout must only be done when you gain the ability to perform your reps (especially the marker rep) faster and easier.

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