The Lord's Prayer

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Much of God’s will is accomplished on earth through our prayers. If this were not true, God would simply do his will on earth without our prayers. However, he wants to empower us to bring the purposes of his kingdom upon this earth, so he’s given us a model prayer to accomplish his will in our midst. Of course this prayer is known as The Lord’s Prayer, and it serves as a divine blueprint for experiencing God’s fatherly love, provision, forgiveness, and protection.

Many people quote the Lord’s Prayer without much thought to what they are saying and never experience the power of prayer from a heart that wants to know God in an intimate way. Knowing God means discovering all that you can about him to experience a closer relationship with him. This is one of the goals of this 30 day devotional book on the Lord’s Prayer, to give you insight into the prayer that Jesus gave us to fully connect with God’s heart. As the heart of God overflows into your prayers, the purposes of his kingdom will begin to manifest in your life.

Remember that all through the Bible, God acted when people prayed. We too need to pray, and the carefully detailed Bible study presented in The Lord’s Prayer: A 30 Day Devotional will inspire your faith and enhance your prayers as you pursue a relationship with God.


Even Then Will I Be Confident

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Gerald Sherwood had already been suffering with fibromyalgia for twenty-two years when he was diagnosed with two other diseases that were so extremely rare that one doctor announced, “There’s not a chance in the world that both would occur in the same person.” The severity of his circumstances caused him to turn to God and to the prayer support of others. God responded by showing his faithfulness to Gerald through a combination of divine healing and miraculous medical intervention. Although it was a season of great suffering, Gerald’s faith in God grew greater from one trial to the next until he was able to say, “Even then will I be confident,” when feeling as though he was passing through the valley of the shadow of death. The account of his journey of faith along with his healing and recovery are written in this book as a personal testimony of God’s faithfulness in his life.



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Throughout the Bible, false guilt and false accusation were used as one of Satan’s chief weapons for bringing hardship and resistance to God’s servants. False guilt lead to the death of Jesus and threatened the lives and wellbeing of countless holy men and women of God. The threat of false guilt still exists today and is used in order to undermine the quality of our lives and to keep us from functioning effectively. To overcome this problem, two basic steps are needed: the first is to identify false guilt when it occurs, the second is deal with it properly in order to remove its debilitating effects. Executing these two steps is the primary purpose of this book.

When you develop a set of realistic expectations that you are willing to live by, the power of false guilt and false accusations will begin to subside. As this happens, other negative perceptions such as shame, low self-esteem, and low self-worth will start to subside, and you will experience the freedom and boldness to pursue the destiny that God has for your life.



Inspirational Lessons from Sports

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 Inspirational Lessons from Sports contains stories of extraordinary athletic accomplishment as well as simple concepts that athletes must apply in order to succeed. Many of the same principles that help athletes excel and overcome the challenges that they face in sports, also apply to the challenges that Christians face in regard to their faith. Just as it takes an extraordinary heart to become a great athlete, it also takes an extraordinary heart to become a strong Christian. Your faith will be encouraged by the trials, the triumphs, and the simple lessons that can be learned from sports, as you read through this book.


5 Spiritual lessons book

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5 Spiritual Lessons From a Fitness Instructor   Paper back

5 Spiritual Lessons from a Fitness Instructor    ebook

How can a person achieve a greater level of physical fitness and spiritual growth? Of course it will take effort, but what are the most important keys to making the most of one’s efforts? You will find out when you read 5 Spiritual Lessons from a Fitness Instructor. In this book, Mark Sherwood endeavors to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus by using his background as a fitness instructor to explain how concepts that are important for improvement in physical fitness, also have application to people who desire to grow spiritually. What concepts do physical fitness and spiritual fitness have in common? Not only do both require effort, but it is effort while in the right physical or spiritual state of being that makes one’s efforts productive. To accomplish this, a person must learn to focus on the main things that produce the majority of the results, as well as the specifics that are unique to their own gifting and calling. You will be challenged to apply these concepts as you read about them, and gain a new a level of spiritual fitness.


True Spiritual Worship

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True Spiritual Worship   Paper back

There have been many books written about worship, even instructions on the “how” to worship. So what makes this book different? Well, in TRUE SPIRITUAL WORSHIP, Mark Sherwood explains in detail the utmost importance of:

  • Why God’s glory has to be the key ingredient for true worship.
  • How your view of God affects your ability to worship in spirit and in truth.
  • Learn how to experience God conscious worship instead of self conscious worship.
  • This book will leave you wanting to begin your new steps in worshipping God. The information is more than helpful, it’s life-changing.


strength to the max book

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If your goal is to gain strength, it generally takes more than one form of training to build the various physical qualities that contribute to maximum strength gains. The four phase workout in Strength to the Max provides a solution to help you achieve this. Each workout addresses the strength enhancing qualities such as: rapid force production, heavy single rep training, muscular growth, and workload capacity. When these attributes are trained effectively, they work together to help you build strength on a consistent basis.

In addition to the four phases of a workout, the training instructions include the necessary details for how to perform precision workouts. You won’t have to wonder if you are overtraining or undertraining, but will learn exactly how hard to push yourself for maximum strength gains based on your personal physiological capacities. The simple workouts that are presented in this book will take the guess work out of training and provide a roadmap to strength training success.


Precision Point book

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Get Stronger with Precision Point Training   Paper back and ebook

Gaining strength is not simply a matter of training harder, it’s also a matter of how to train smarter. Precision Point Training will teach you the optimum strength training strategies that are designed to:

  • Produce ongoing, predictable strength gains.
  • Help each person find their own strength training zone through diagnostic training methods.
  • Create the precise conditions needed for gaining strength.
  • Create an individualized workout that will empower a person to determine the right number of sets, the right amount of reps, and the right training frequency for productive training.