Strength Training Mini Lessons

The videos in this section will give you a basic understanding of how the body works and why it reacts to exercise the way it does; especially in regard to strength training. An explanation is also given as to why the body often changes the way it reacts to exercise over time when it reaches the anabolic (or adapative) zero point and falls into the pattern that kills progress. In light of this, workout strategies are given to help create specific conditions that will enable the body to keep adapting to exercise as long as possible. Enjoy the videos.



Lesson: Your Body is Intelligent




Lesson: The Path of Least Resistance

Physical Lesson: Specificity



Lesson: Specific Energy Systems for Exercise




Lesson: Understanding The Pattern That Kills Progress




Lesson: The Anabolic or Adaptive Zero Point




Lesson: Precision Points




Lesson: Where to Stop during a Set: The Limit Rep and Marker Rep


Lesson: How Many Sets? Use the Limit Set and Marker Set




Lesson: Identifying the Marker Set with Varying Weights and Exercises


Lesson: Mini Sets



Lesson: The Adaptation Period